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About BFAB

About us

Baltic Functional Airspace Block (Baltic FAB) is a cooperative arrangement between Poland and Lithuania in the field of air navigation services. To implement the EU’s Single European Sky concept the States, National Supervisory Authorities and Air Navigation Service Providers brought together their expertise, efforts and willingness for innovative changes. The main focus of the Baltic FAB is optimal performance of all users of two countries’ aggregated airspace comprising Warsaw and Vilnius flight information regions (FIRs).

Baltic FAB exists not only to comply with European legislation and bring to life the EU’s concept of reducing fragmentation of air navigation service provision within Europe. Apart from the concept itself there is a “window of opportunity” for all FAB members in various areas like industrial partnership, international cooperation, best practice sharing, research and development. We work together to improve the individual performance of each member as well as to create synergies for the whole Baltic FAB in order to meet challenges of global diversity.

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Our Vision
The Baltic FAB vision is to be one of the three most important FABs in SES by:
  • developing innovative product and service solutions,
  • involving other ANSPs into the Baltic FAB ,
  • actively supporting national and neighboring initiatives consistent with the Baltic FAB mission,
  • operating as single efficient environment attractive and open for other FABs.
Mission Statement
The Baltic FAB mission is to achieve and spread to FABs and non-EU States the ways of achieving optimal performance in the areas relating to safety, flight efficiency, capacity, reduction of the negative impact on environment, cost-efficiency and to contribute to military mission effectiveness by the design of airspace and the organization of air traffic management regardless of the existing boundaries of the Baltic FAB States.

Baltic FAB Strategic Objectives

To achieve the vision of the Baltic FAB the following strategic objectives have been identified:

General overview

The Baltic FAB total controlled airspace is 410 126 sq km, incl.:
  • Warsaw Flight Information Region (FIR) 334 000 sq km
  • Vilnius Flight Information Region (FIR) 76 126 sq km

The air navigation services are provided for civil and military customers. En Route traffic (total flights 2016): 740 246 (PANSA)  and 228 750 (ON).