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About BFAB

Governance Structure

Baltic FAB Council

Main task: responsible for overseeing and providing strategic direction to the Baltic FAB.  The Council consists of  representatives of  Lithuania and Poland, as follows:  

Baltic FAB Board

Main task: responsible for management and development of the Baltic FAB. The Baltic FAB Board consists of  representatives of  Lithuania and Poland, as follows:  

Baltic FAB Management Office

Main task: support Baltic FAB Council, Board and FAB related activities as well as shall be responsible for coordination and execution of the day-to-day management of Baltic FAB, in accordance with decisions and guidance of the Baltic FAB Governance Bodies


Baltic FAB Committees

Baltic FAB governance structure involves several Committees assisting the Board to implement all respective tasks:


NSA Cooperation

Through Baltic FAB NSA Coordination Committee 2 member NSAs (Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Lithuania and Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Poland) tightly cooperate in order to:


ANSP Cooperation

Cooperation of Baltic FAB’s air navigation service providers PANSA (Poland) and SE Oro Navigacija (Lithuania) comprises but does not limit to the following areas: