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B4 consortium

B4 consortium was established in 2014 by Baltic FAB ANSPs - PANSA and ORO NAVIGACIJA, together with counterparts from Czech and Slovak Republics ANS CR and LPS SR. 

The main idea of B4 Consortium was to work together for the delivery of research and development activities in ATM/CNS domain that could add value to the attainment of the objectives of the technological pillar of the Single European Sky as well as to strengthen Central and Eastern Europe countries’ presence in grand EU initiatives. The Consortium members believe that by combining different know-how of the B4 Consortium members as well as by collating their different areas of expertise, this regional approach to the R&D will yield economies of scale and bring about added value to the overall SESAR Programme.

At the same time B4 is a great example of successful co-operation between functional airspace blocs. B4 Consortium’ Members represents two Europe FABs: Baltic FAB and FAB CE, as well as they are active members of GATE ONE (joining 13 ANSPs), a regional platform of Central and Eastern European ANSPs.

The key contribution of B4 Consortium to SES initiative is the vast expertise in air navigation services’ domains, experience in executing several high complexity ATM projects and well equipped facilities. Beside the above, B4 Consortium brings the expertise and experience of its Linked Third Parties, ranging from scientific research, concept developments, up to product prototyping and manufacturing.

B4 Consortium Members provide en-route air traffic management from 4 Area Control Centers, situated in Warszawa, Vilnius, Prague and Bratislava, which handle together around 2,1 million annual IFR movements. B4 Members provide air traffic control service at 27 international airports. Activities of Consortium’ Members also comprise aviation training, CNS service’s provision, aeronautical publications and aeronautical information services.

What added value B4 Consortium will bring:  B4 Consortium role: On top of this, our role we are wishing to fulfil and the value added that could be brought via our participation is the following:  

B4 Consortium expectations

Short term:  Medium term: Long term: B4 consortium members are active beneficiaries in 18 SESAR2020 IR&V, Transversal and VLSD projects:      8 SESAR projects (Trajectory & Performance Based Free Routing, Separation Management En-Route & TMA, Airport Safety Nets, Total Airport Management, Remote Tower for Multiple Airports, Communication – Navigation – Surveillance, Controller Working Position/HMI and 4D Trajectory Management) are represented by 2 and more B4 consortium members.