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ASM/ATFCM cooperation within Baltic FAB

The main objective is to address the aspects necessary to plan for the harmonized application of Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) concept within Baltic FAB, including airspace management and flow management. 

     Airspace management (ASM) processes for both civil and military users will be harmonized within the FAB. The main focus in this area is to achieve the most efficient use of the airspace based on actual needs and, where possible, to avoid permanent airspace segregation. In addition to the adaptation of the airspace structure to traffic flows and the implementation of area navigation, one of the major ASM objectives is implementation of the FUA Concept. To ensure promptly reaction to any airspace requirements, activating/deactivating or reallocating specific pre-tactical/tactical ASM scenarios and, at the same time, establishing and activating the most appropriate airspace configurations, the common ASM support system will be used in both ANSP and will be based on PANSA in-house product CAT and Eurocontrol LARA.