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Best practice sharing among Baltic FAB stakeholders

Project objective is to achieve long-term savings in the area of non-operational staff and non-staff operating costs through sharing of best practices among Baltic FAB stakeholders, including provision of certain services (i.e. calibration flights).

     Starting point is analytical work on investigation of whether methods of providing support functions in ANSPs could be improved by learning from each other as well as whether the two organizations could improve cost-effectiveness by learning from each other.
     SE ORO NAVIGACIJA and PANSA hold meetings almost once a month. As an outcome of the meetings a comprehensive analysis of both ANSPs  was made and the new Baltic FAB Strategy Guidelines  were developed aiming at increasing the Baltic FAB scope by involving other ANSPs; to operate as a  single ATM system and to provide supporting services; to develop innovative solutions in order to generate income aside of main activities; to set up new, value-driven, organizational model. Based on Baltic FAB Strategy Guidelines, Baltic FAB Development Strategy was prepared  and will be implemented to fulfil the strategic FAB strategic. Baltic FAB development strategy is a business development approach which contributes to revenue generating aspects, with ultimate aim of expanding Baltic ANPSs operations to neighboring countries, which must of course remain reliable in the long run.