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Coordinated AIS provision within Baltic FAB

Optimization of AIS and contingency service provision.
     Optimization of AIS provision in the Baltic FAB has been discussed and agreed between ANPSs. It will include AIS data sharing and integrity/unification of used AIM systems and software which will ensure contingency of AIM provision within the Baltic FAB. It was agreed that both ANSPs will continue provision of AIS within their area of responsibility and will collect , verify and distribute aeronautical information. The coordinated AIS provision will start with implementation of common AIS database, unified for ORO NAVIGACIJA and PANSA. Joint submission of aeronautical data through a direct electronic connection to the EAD will be performed by both ANSPs separately.
     Both ORO NAVIGACIJA and PANSA have made an assessment of  systems and procedures in use as well as  provisions of national and international agreements . Those national agreements (Service Level Agreements signed with national data originators) will remain  unchanged. Two international agreements has been identified to be changed: agreements between PANSA / EAD and ORO NAVIGACIJA / EAD. Additionally implementation of common procedures for Aeronautical Information Management provision has been discussed and agreed .
     It was also discussed the implementation of a common software providing integrated briefing accessible via www, which is one of the conditions to ensure the transition from the Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) to the Aeronautical Information Management (AIM). Implementing of such a software will reduce the investment cost needed to achieve this goal and it will also create a common platform providing access to information related to FPL, MET, AIS and ATFM for all airspace users in BALTIC FAB. This has been started by implementation of the EAD Briefing Facility software providing flight plans management solution for ATS Reporting Offices within both Warszawa and Vilnius FIRs.
     Additionally future business model of AIM provision has been discussed as well as joint training program and procedures for recruitment.