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Enhancement of inter-FAB cooperation and cooperation with non-EU countries

To drive progress towards greater flight efficiency, cost efficiency and operational consistency in line with single European sky performance goals.

     Seeking to maximise the benefits of international cooperation, Poland and Lithuania, through their Air Navigation Service Providers could obtain additional benefits from regional cooperation on a wider scale. Therefore the activity is focused on exploring the opportunities on the improvement of flight efficiency and reduction environmental impact; rationalization of ATM/CNS infrastructure; deploying SESAR projects; seeking  projects that can be achieved on a commercial basis; transfer of knowledge and expertise  gained in the implementing ICAO, EU and Eurocontrol provisions.
     ANSP activity is focused on cooperation within interFAB Cooperation platform and GATE ONE as well as on opportunities provided by joint participation in Deployment Manager , B4 Consortium (Pansa, ORO NAVIGACIJA, LPS and ANS CZ) and Centralised Services (PANSA, Oro Navigacija, Uksatse) projects. Also, meetings were held with Belarusian ANSP, Ukrainian ANSP, and Kaliningrad ANSP with the aim to discuss the optimisation of CNS. Numerous common activities prove that ANSPs in Baltic FAB consider its common presence as valuable tool to achieve benefits.