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Establishment of a Free Route Airspace within Baltic FAB

The objective is to implement uniform Free Route Airspace within Baltic FAB Airspace.

     Thought Free Route Airspace (FRA) concept airspace users can benefit by easier flight planning process as well as by more effective trajectories, shorter distances flown and lower Co2 emission.
At the time being the Baltic FAB Airspace is developing common procedures for the region’s FRA and, step by step, implementing the FRA concept in practice: in Vilnius flight information region (FIR) full FRA above FL 245 was implemented in December, 2015 and the full FRA implementation from FL95 is expected in December, 2016. Also, there are examples of FRUITFUL cooperation WITH NEIGHBOURING FABs: in December, 2016  Lithuania (Baltic FAB) and Latvia (Nefab) are to launch 2 common entry-exit points.
     The Baltic FAB countries can already see some practical consequences of FRA implementation: some new tracks has been chosen by the airlines flying over Lithuania. More accurate trends will be available in the near future, when full FRA implementation will be completed in the whole Baltic FAB. And it is coming soon: Warsaw FIR has over 40 night/weekend DCTs already implemented; the full FRA implementation in the top sectors above FL355 is planned at the end of 2017.
     Taking into account the information above and the fact from PRB 2012 report that Baltic FAB shares only 2% of total extra distance flown it is notable that Baltic FAB airspace is already managed quite efficient and implementation of the mentioned project will further increase flight efficiency in the Baltic FAB. It is also worth mentioning that to reach the aim Baltic FAB initiates FRA concept implementation in the neighboring countries (Belarus and Kaliningrad area of the Russian Federation) as well.