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Harmonization of ANS provision and supervision rules and procedures

The project aims to harmonize ANS provision and supervision rules and procedures within Baltic FAB.

     A full size of planned added value related projects to the Baltic FAB establishment will be achieved by harmonized legal framework for ANS service provision and supervision within the Baltic FAB. Moreover, it will include a mutual recognition of licenses, common training requirements and the potential integrated use of operational staff among concerned ANSPs, also standardized licensing of ATCOs and requirements for ATSEPs.
     BalticFAB partners prepared analysis of potential benefits connected with harmonisation of ANS provision and supervision rules which proved that harmonisation will bring most benefits in the areas where it is required to perform common operations. It was defined that many activities can be performed commonly, even though applicable rules are not always fully harmonised. For example, ANSPs are performing common purchase of ATM systems, regardless of differences in public procurement law. Therefore it was decided, that harmonization tasks will be performed “on required” basis and resources allocated for harmonization efforts only when benefits stemming from harmonization are clearly identified and confirmed.
     Harmonization of supervision rules is ongoing task of NSA Coordination Committee (CC). Since respective NSA agreed on main tools and procedures of cooperation, further actions will be performed within agreed framework of cooperation. Harmonization of provision rules will be performed where the assessment proves benefits from harmonization. Assessment will be performed on “as required” basis within particular projects and tasks.