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Optimization of ATM/CNS technical infrastructure within Baltic FAB

The objective is to optimize ATM/CNS infrastructure as well as CNS service provision model in the Baltic FAB through better usage of the current resources, common planning and maintenance.

     The CNS infrastructure is the basis for any new ATM initiative. Taking into account the interoperability and dependability among CNS and ATM systems they should not be considered in isolation, therefore there is a need to plan, employ and exploit this infrastructure in a more efficient way. To perform an optimum provision of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance services, a joint technical and technological solution in the Baltic FAB is being defined. That covers the harmonization and rationalization the ATM and CNS infrastructure throughout the Baltic FAB territory, joint maintenance activity, joint planning for procurement of systems and deployment of infrastructure using joint technical/technological solutions for the provision of CNS.
     The Baltic FAB is intended to set out the CNS provision model and coordinate the future implementation of Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance systems and ATM systems between the related parties of the Baltic FAB. Optimization of ATM/CNS technical infrastructure within Baltic FAB is planned to be implemented by gradual evolution of the existing model, however it should be treated as a continuous process based on the defined mechanism.
     The ANSPs coordinate CNS Strategies and developed common CNS Roadmap  to ensure common approach and reduce overlapping infrastructure deployments. 
Regular (twice a year) coordination meetings are held to review and harmonize investment plans and initiate common procurement .
     As per Baltic FAB it is worth to emphasise that ground communication system is harmonized and integrated not only on the FAB level but as well with neighbouring ANSPs of Kaliningrad, Belarus and Ukraine and at the same time backup solutions for all the parties were implemented. 
     Both Baltic FAB parties agreed to continue development towards certain level of unification to avoid monopoly and increased risk in case of insolvency of any industrial partners following operational needs.