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Optimization of MET service provision model within Baltic FAB

To optimize MET service provision model and ensure contingency service provision.

     There is a potential for saving costs by optimizing meteorological services provision model within Baltic FAB. Some efficiency could be made from a common approach to MET services through economies of scale and, furthermore, competition could force prices down.

     MET services in the Baltic FAB are subcontracted by PANSA, ORO NAVIGACIJA or airport managers. Certain developments in this area have been set up during the second reference period of performance scheme. Currently more than two designated MET providers operate in the market. However only the meteorological agency - the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management in Poland and Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service are the main providers recognized in Baltic FAB performace plan. Both ANSPs have similar, established AIS units responsible for the collection and distribution of MET aeronautical information.  
Cooperation of both states in MET provision within Baltic FAB might be profitable for both of the economies. Neither Poland nor Lithuania has a particularly high cost of MET provision, in comparison with other European countries. Poland’s MET costs are no more than 5% of ATM/CNS and Lithuania’s are a substantially lower proportion. Total cost of MET provision is much lower than European average. This benchmarking suggests that the potential for MET savings was quite modest.
     Nevertheless, it was agreed that there was potential for saving costs by jointly looking for alternative suppliers to the national meteorological services. 
     Several meetings were held to discuss the potentials activities. Both partners confirmed that there was no legal or institutional obstacle to do this. However, as a result of additional studies, it was decided to intensify efforts to achieve the objectives within Commission Decision of 11 March 2014 setting the Union-wide performance targets for the air traffic management network and alert thresholds for the second reference period 2015-19. 
     In additional there was decided to designate other entity to provide MET on some smaller airports like Olsztyn – Mazury, Radom or for some time in Modlin. Such activities generated additional benefits for whole ANS system in Baltic FAB.
Project “Optimisation of MET service provision model within Baltic FAB” it is also closely linked with another activities, i. a. project no 2.4. “Coordinated AIS provision within Baltic FAB”.
     It was decided to create a common platform providing access to information related to MET data and other relevant AIS information for all airspace users in Baltic FAB. 
     Both entities are closely cooperating in all areas related to MET under World Meteorological Organization which is a specialized agency of the United Nations. They can exchange their experience and consult difficult cases as they act on a similar legal basis e.g ICAO Doc. 9161 or WMO-No. 904. 
Thus it should be considered that both partners performed all possible actions to provide MET service on most efficient manner to achieve  their goals. 
     Analysis revealed that a new common competitive tender for MET services, between the two ANSPs is not a case in current situation. The results of such a tender were likely to come out higher cost of providing the MET service.