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Search and Rescue (SAR) service coordination within Baltic FAB

To optimize SAR Coordination service provision within Baltic  FAB  and ensure contingency service provision.

     ORO NAVIGACIJA and PANSA started cooperation on Baltic FAB project “Search and Rescue (SAR) service coordination within Baltic FAB“ in early 2014. 
     Initially, main ambition was to optimise Search and Rescue Coordination service provision within the Baltic FAB and ensure contingency service provision. Baltic FAB Implementation Programme says, that SAR service is one of Air Navigation Services defined by ICAO obliging countries to perform same functions. Therefore, it is foreseen to provide more effective and efficient Baltic FAB SAR coordination including optimization of common planning, training, participation in international forum in the area of SAR. 
     Straight after working groups of both Oro navigacija and PANSA were formed, the main goals and guidelines on further cooperation were determined, such as: initiative to prepare draft of Cooperation Agreement between PANSA and Oro navigacija for Aeronautical Search and Rescue; to prepare Rules of Procedure on purpose to improve understanding of the Working Group’s policy. 
     After these aforesaid documents were drafted and harmonized, Project objectives, detailed in Baltic FAB Implementation Programme, were gradually brought into effect, as follows:      Further steps including signature of the Cooperation Agreement between State Enterprise Of Lithuania Oro Navigacija and Polish Air Navigation Services Agency for Aeronautical Search And Rescue will be possible, when and if Poland decides to relocate ARCC from MoD to PANSA. It was assessed that apart from aforementioned activities, common ARCC could result in longer reaction times due to close regional dependence on local services and language barrier yet not bringing any substantial benefits. It was therefore decided that cooperation will be focused on harmonization efforts and ensuring better coordination between ARCC rather than focussing on establishment of common ARCC.