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Gate One

In 2013 both Baltic FAB ANSPs – ORO NAVIGACIJA and PANSA - become founding members of GATE ONE, one of the largest regional ANSP platforms in Europe. 

GATE ONE comprises the airspace between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea and it is one of the most important gateways of the European continent: this region handles air traffic in the directions of North and South, East and West, sustaining links between the central and Nordic countries of the European Union as well as with the continent of Asia and the region of the Middle East.

GATE ONE members seek to promote efficiency of the European Air Traffic Management through a more intensive regional cooperation in the coordination of strategic and operational issues being meaningful at the regional level as well as to represent their common interest at all relevant European fora.  

GATE ONE added value:  Today the GATE ONE comprises ANSPs of 13 countries: Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia. GATE ONE covers 3 existing Functional Airspace Blocks – FABs (Baltic FAB, Danube FAB and FAB CE) and 2 non-EU Flight Information regions (Belgrade and Skopje). Collectively the GATE ONE members handles about 35% of the total number of European Air Traffic.

Recently GATE ONE Members agreed to conduct GATE ONE Free Route Airspace (GO FRA) Operational Framework Study to define the operational high level criteria required for a future implementation of Free Route Airspace in the GATE ONE area. As the GO FRA area includes a large portion of the core European airspace, the joint GO FRA initiative can be seen as a step towards Pan-European FRA application and sets a precedent in inter-FAB collaboration for other areas of Europe. The development of the GO FRA Operational Framework Study shall:  Once the GO FRA implemented, the expected benefits to stakeholders are:  For more information about GATE ONE, visit the GATE ONE website at