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Baltic FAB is in constant process of searching for innovative solutions to ensure efficient operations for its users.  Recently Baltic FAB Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) - ORO NAVIGACIJA and PANSA - signed Letters of Intent, setting out their plan to join iTEC (interoprability Through European Collaboration), the Europe’s largest ATM system collaboration alliance consisting of air navigation service providers of Spain (ENAIRE), Germany (DFS), the UK (NATS) and the Netherlands (LVNL) alongside systems provider Indra Sistemas.  The existing Members of iTEC already account for more than a third of Europe’s air traffic.

The ultimate goal of iTEC collaboration is to develop a high-end ATM system for busy and complex airspace that meets the SES requirements and enables significant steps forward in productivity. iTEC’s achievements provide a platform for synergies and thus cost reductions, helping to realise the vision of a Single European Sky  with greater efficiencies and service standards for Europe’s airspace users.

PANSA and ORO NAVIGACIJA are joining the existing iTEC collaboration through the partnership with DFS iTEC System Group. Both Baltic FAB Members are to deploy iTEC based ATM systems being sure it will cause great results in terms of more flexible and dynamic airspace management as well as of being able to respond in a prompt way to changes in traffic demand, weather conditions, adapt to reserved military airspace. 

Baltic FAB ANSPs are pioneering the industry by executing joint procurement procedure and deploying. The partners are sure that it is a great stepping stone to realize the goals of Single European Sky and improve efficiency for airspace users and cater for air traffic growth.  The project to deploy a common iTEC based ATM system across the Baltic FAB stands as the leading example in ATM world of a successful cooperation between the States and of the industrial partnership.

Baltic FAB ANSPs’ participation in iTEC is a “win win” situation to all stakeholders as ORO NAVIGACIJA and PANSA will provide solid contribution to the project development:   iTEC collaboration undoubtedly means to Baltic FAB ANSPs an opportunity to improve efficiency and positively affect airspace users performance, including: