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PJ.08. Advanced Airspace Management

Baltic FAB/B4 Consortium representative in the project: PANSA

Project snapshot:

     Today, Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM), Airspace Management (ASM) and Air Traffic Control (ATC) are separated processes even though the coordination between all in Step 1 has significantly improved through interfacing between ATFCM, ASM and ATC systems. The current ATM environment does not provide neither an accurate prediction of traffic and relevant measurements of its uncertainty, nor the sector predicted workload with a confidence index.  It leads to big constrains for determination of appropriate Airspace Design and efficient application of Flexible Use of Airspace (military and civil coordination). Also, the sharing of airspace information is not optimally adapted to Aircraft Operators (AO) and other Airspace User (AU) processes, which is leading to limited usage of available dynamic configurable airspace. 
     The project “Advanced Airspace Management” includes 2 main working packages:  Management of Dynamic Airspace configurations and Dynamic Airspace Configuration supporting moving areas. 
DMA is a volume of airspace of defined dimensions described as an integral part of a MT and agreed upon in a CDM process satisfying the Airspace Users requirements. 3 types: