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PJ.02. Increased Runway and Airport Throughput

Baltic FAB/B4 Consortium representative in the project: PANSA

Project snapshot:
     Traffic demand on runway operations exceeds the runway capacity at capacity constrained airports. With the growth of air traffic volumes, there is an increasing number of airports that are becoming constrained for significant periods of each day. This situation becomes even more critical when the weather situation is adverse.

     There is pressure to improve the efficiency of runway operations and the overall strategy for runway management for both arrival and departure traffic, mainly through the following SESAR solutions: Wake Turbulence Separation Optimisation;  Enhanced arrival procedures; Minimum Pair Separations based on RSP; Independent Rotorcraft operations at the airport;  Traffic optimisation on single and multiple runway airports, Enhanced Runway Conditions Awareness; Enhanced Terminal Area for efficient curved operations.
On top of that, special attention is being put on secondary (regional) airports, which accessibility in the low visibility conditions (LVC) is targeted for improvement thus reducing the congestion at the major airports which suffer from diverted flights.