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PJ.20. Master Plan Maintenance

Baltic FAB/B4 Consortium representative in the project: SE ORO NAVIGACIJA

Project snapshot:

     In application of Article 3(1) of Regulation (EU) No 409/2013, The Air Traffic Management Master Plan (ATM-MP) has been given the status of being “the roadmap driving the modernisation of the European ATM system and connecting SESAR research and development with deployment. It shall be the key SES instrument for the seamless operation of the EATMN and the timely, coordinated and synchronised SESAR deployment”.
     The ATM-MP has three levels (Executive, Planning and Implementation) that require synchronized monitoring and alignment. The work shall consist in maintaining, updating and publishing as and when necessary the ATM-MP. It shall also consist in managing the ATM-MP update campaigns. Such campaigns consist in a major and simultaneous update of the three levels of the ATM-MP.

     The main scope of the Master Plan Maintenance project is therefore to support the delivery of up-to-date maintenance of the ATM MP and the alignment of its three levels. This includes ensuring that the SESAR performance ambition level is correctly established at the highest level and can flow into the programme to drive R&I and deployment prioritisation.