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PJ.22. Validation and Demonstration Engineering

Baltic FAB/B4 Consortium representative in the project: SE ORO NAVIGACIJA

Project snapshot:

     In SESAR 1 Validation & Verification Infrastructures (V&VI) and Platforms (V&VP) were developed to support other projects’ SESAR Validation Exercises. The scope comprised not only the development of the System Engineering (SE) methodologies to develop V&VIs and V&VPs but also the actual specification, development, verification and acceptance of such infrastructure to host some planned validation activities.  However, the application of the developed methodology was just an option for primary projects. This led to a different level of information available across the programme regarding the different V&VIs and V&VPs development, the information was not provided in a standard way, the projects did not always follow the SESAR Requirements and V&V guidelines when producing their deliverables. Therefore, coverage matrixes couldn’t be produced showing traceability between operational & performance requirements vs. technical requirements, between validation objectives vs. operational & performance requirements etc.

     PJ22 “Validation and Demonstration Engineering” being a transversal project of SESAR 2020 is responsible for the specification of long-term shared developments on the V&VIs, becoming an enabler for future exercises validation activities, to  build harmonized V&VIs, V&VPs and demonstration platforms with common tools making effective use of valuable engineering resources applying standardized methods and tools in order to achieve comparable results of high quality across a range of infrastructures, obtaining a valuable asset for European Research & Development and Demonstration activities. 

     The PJ.22 is aiming at: maintaining of the SE Data Management Framework (SE-DMF), providing support and quality assurance for Validation and Demonstration Infrastructure Development as well as  support to SESAR Solution Maturity Lifecycle and Gates;  maintaining of the V&VPs, V&VIs and Demonstration Platform Development Methodology, providing Platform Development Methodology Training Plan, creating of V&V platforms and Demonstration platforms catalogue and supporting the communalization of validation tools and interoperability solutions.