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Fifth InterFAB Communication Meeting

Building under the umbrella of the InterFAB Coordination, on September 25/26, an InterFAB Communication Workshop took place in Bucharest. The event was organised by DANUBE FAB and got together experts of five FABs (BALTIC FAB, BLUE MED FAB, DANUBE FAB, FAB Central Europe and from FABEC) to discuss planned or ongoing communication activities, best practices as well on the latest trends and EU developments in the context of ongoing and future digitalization.
The event stimulated exchanges of views between the FABs representatives on methods in overcoming perceptual barriers and the criticism relating to ANSP’s impact on the environment, reiterating the ANSPs efforts to ensure that a safe and sustainable provision of the services. In addition, it became obvious that in the ongoing discussion on the future of the Single European Sky is shaped by a lack of clarity creating misunderstandings and (unrealistic) expectations. In this context, it was decided that it is a matter of urgency that FABs to collaborate and to establish a baseline for discussion with other stakeholders and by that, to actively and transparently engage in mitigating the existing criticisms.
Other topics on the agenda were related to the internal organization of the InterFAB Communication, analysis of communications activities, the outcome of the past InterFAB meetings and lastly coordination of the future events, such as the preparation for World ATM Congress 2020 and for the Academic Workshop on "Interdependencies of KPIs" (Rome, May 2020), which is co-organised by BLUE MED FAB and FABEC.
Functional airspace blocks (FABs) constitute one of the cornerstones of the Single European Sky initiative. They were established already in 2012 and are vital for airspace integrity. However, many of the achievements and benefits of FABs often remain known to a limited number of stakeholders only. Thus, the InterFAB communication aims at improving awareness of FABs at EU level. Interested parties/stakeholders are invited to read more on