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Baltic FAB partners always look for any opportunity to share their expertise and find new ways to collaborate. Today, CEO of PANSA, Janusz Janiszewski, and CEO of ORO NAVIGACIJA, Mindaugas Gustys, met in Vilnius to foster collaboration between Baltic FAB air navigation service providers (ANSPs). A key moment found the two visiting the new ORO NAVIGACIJA's Area Control Center (ACC) equipped with a cutting edge iTEC air traffic management system, which will be up and running in the coming months. In 2016, Baltic FAB ANSPs acquired such systems under the common procurement procedure (and we were the first out of all FABs to apply it!), so the CEOs had many things to share in this regard. Our guest had a chance to check out the system’s various components: its operational system, simulator, and testing platform. After the visit, the partners discussed how far they’ve come implementing the changes discussed at the previous Baltic FAB ANSPs CEO meeting and touched on topics they’d include in the Baltic FAB Council Agenda this December in Vilnius.