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Volatility impact on ATM operations, ways of de-fragmentation, performance of FABs, image deterioration, added value of FABs and inter-FAB cooperation – these were the main topics presented and discussed at the 3rd InterFAB communication workshop which took place on 6th and 7th of September, 2018, in Vienna.
From June, 2017 the functional airspace blocks‘ communication experts have been working together in order to communicate to the aviation community and politicians the idea, the role and importance of FABs for ATM performance and the Single European Sky concept implementation. The communication activities are planned and reported at biannual InterFAB communication workshops.
The Baltic FAB is an active contributor to the Inter FAB communication activities. After the first communication workshop took place in June, 2017 in Langen, the Baltic FAB brought its efforts to multiple actions like organisation of workshops on Traffic Volatility in ATM and Toolbox for Successful Social Dialogue, participation in Volatility-dedicated panel at World ATM Congress, preparation of the material “FABs for beginners” and a document “Added Value of FABs“, as well as hosting the 2nd InterFAB communication workshop.
In Vienna, the Baltic FAB representatives addressed such topics as “Image deterioration in aviation”, and “InterFAB communication activities”, presented (together with their working group partners FABEC and Bluemed) a newly-produced video “FAB for beginners”, gave ideas of further communication material, and took part in the open table discussions on other topics.
After the workshop the Baltic FAB will continue to contribute to the InterFAB communication activities, and among other things, will be involved in creation of the InterFAB brand, website as well as preparation of brochures and the so-called one pagers on FABs’ achievements.
The 3rd InterFAB communication workshop was hosted by FABCE and represented by 4 FABs: the Baltic FAB, FABEC, FABCE and Bluemed.