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BALTIC FAB participation in SESAR2020: Platform Methodology Training to be provided  

Baltic FAB member ORO NAVIGACIJA and a workgroup under its leadership have worked out the Training Plan for Verification and Validation Platform Development Methodology. Thus, the second task of implementation of SESAR 2020 PJ22 project “Validation and Demonstration Engineering”, assigned to the workgroup, composed of representatives of Oro navigacija, Eurocontrol, the Italian Aerospace Research Centre (CIRA), and the industry companies Leonardo, Indra, and Airbus, has been accomplished.
The Training Plan covers presentation of the training concept, definition of the target audiences, the envisaged structure, content and time schedule of training as well as preparatory tasks distributed among the project partners.

Currently, according to the Training Plan drawn up by the workgroup lead by SE Oro navigacija and approved by SESAR JU, the preparatory tasks for training are taking place: training material is under preparation, contacts of potential participants are being collected, and a technical tool enabling remote training is being tested.
Training is intended for the SESAR 2020 Programme project managers and leaders of technical solution workgroups as well as partners responsible for organising tests and testing and development of the Verification, Validation and Demonstration Platforms. For each of the above-mentioned audiences, training will be arranged in accordance with its respective demands.

The aim of training is to give an opportunity for programme members to understand better the major platform methodology aspects, to elaborate on how the methodology should be used, and to present practical examples and recommendations on how to organise the platform development process.
Training sessions will be conducted remotely. To the participants of training, pre-recorded video material will be presented, including clarifications of the methodology, recorded interviews with the workgroup’s experts exchanging their insights and experience in platform development. Training session participants will have possibility to submit, via electronic means, questions on platform development to organisers of training and give feedback on a training session. Questions will be answered after a training session. 
It has been foreseen to start training in March 2018. According to an individually agreed schedule, it will continue until June 2019. Duration of each training session will be 4 hours.
Oro navigacija participates in SESAR Programme as member of B4 Consortium which comprises air navigation service providers of Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. B4 Consortium takes part in 18 projects of SESAR 2020.
Moments of training material recording: Gino Pompei, Leonardo’s representative, and member of PJ22 project “Validation and Demonstration Engineering”.