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Baltic FAB and FABEC are happy to invite you to the Research Workshop which will be hosted in Warsaw. The conference is held in partnership with the German Aviation Research Society (G.A.R.S.) and the Warsaw School of Economics.

Aim of the Conference
Air Traffic is becoming more and more volatile in the short, medium, and long-term. Potential causes include:
Volatility causes an unpredicted change of traffic, influencing magnitude and/or location, and hence has an immediate effect on the performance of Air Traffic Management in Europe, which aims at balancing capacity provision and traffic demand. The list of theoretical as well as practical questions is long, such as how to measure volatility and to which degree does volatility have an impact on performance? By which means could the impact be reduced or even eliminated? The number of open questions can be continued and they are attracting a growing number of researchers.
The research workshop aims at bringing together academics and practitioners, providing a forum for mutual exchange. The workshop is open to all topics in the field of aviation economics and management that focus on the impact of traffic volatility on performance. Interdisciplinary research is encouraged. We welcome theoretical andempirical papers as well as practice oriented contributions, e.g. case studies or best practice approaches (including other industries). Moreover, we also invite Bachelor, Master, Diploma or PhD students to present their work. As research is always work in progress, we encourage scholars to present their work at any stage.
In addition to the presentation of submitted papers, keynote speakers will provide insight into the topic. The workshop is free of charge, but the organizers cannot cover travel or accommodation costs of participants. However, for students, limited funding for travel costs might be available. Please indicate in your submission, whether you require assistance.
You are invited to submit an abstract (not more than one page) that contains author(s), research question, data gathering, analysis methodology and expected results as pdf- or Word-file to Further updates are to be found at,, and

Important Dates

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