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“Climate Change and the Role of Air Traffic Control”

Key Messages of the Workshop

The workshop discussed the important interaction between climate change and aviation and considered in particular the role of air navigation services as an essential enabling infrastructure. It highlighted relevant findings of current scientific research into aviation-related Greenhouse Gas emissions and their expected impact. These facts were then seen in conjunction with political strategies and programmes e.g. the European Union’s Green Deal and the European Commission’s #Fitfor55 initiative as well as concrete operational experiences and goals of aviation stakeholders.

The central focus of the European Commission’s Environmental Strategy as it relates to aviation is the development of scalable, sustainable and advanced aviation fuels for predominant use in operations by 2050, and the optimisation of current technologies and procedures until then – with air traffic management playing a contributing role. Less emphasis seems to be placed on expected rebound effects
As a general conclusion it was felt that while the participants all shared a sense of urgency in mitigating the negative impacts of climate change, and expressed their commitment to contribute to the success of such efforts, overall political guidance and leadership will be essential to achieve a fair, coordinated and successful effort across all sectors and stakeholders in aviation, which will continue to form an essential element of transport and mobility in the face of global challenges ranging from increasingly frequent and damaging natural disasters to pandemics.

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Setting the scene: Climate change and its impact on air traffic control (David Lee – University of Manchester)>>>>
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Panel 1_2_Burbidge_EUROCONTROL>>>>
Panel 1_3_Beckman_Walter_Lau_Swaid_Climate_induced_jetstreams>>>>>
Panel 1_3_Meandering jetstream_Beckmann_DWD>>>>
Panel 2_1_Forster_DLR  (PPT only)>>>>>>
Panel 2_1_Forster_et_al_FABEC_WS_20210922 (video)>>>>
Panel 2_2_Ehrmanntrau_Sitova_EUROCONTROL MUAC>>>>>
Panel 2_3_Project CREATE_Nick van Dungen_NLR>>>>
Panel 3_1_Jarry>>>>
Panel 3_2_Reducing Europes Aviation Impact_Fricke_Vogel_TU Dresden>>>>>
Panel 3_3_Toward limited impact on environment _Sitova>>>>
Panel 4_1_GalarragaPuempelAbadieRuiz-GaunaGoicoechea>>>>
Panel 4_2_Policy aspects_Bognar_Hungarocontrol>>>>
Panel 4_3_Boonekamp_SEO - NLR>>>>