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First BALTIC FAB deliverable in SESAR2020

Baltic FAB member ORO NAVIGACIJA, together with the workgroup under its leadership have succeeded in overcoming the first challenge in implementation of SESAR2020 PJ22 project. On 30 June 2017 the Validation, Verification and Demonstration Platform Development Methodology developed by the workgroup was presented to the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU).Logotype of PJ22

The methodology is one of the contract tasks of SESAR2020 PJ22 project. The Validation, Verification and Demonstration Platform Development Methodology has already been evaluated and approved by SJU and published in portals of STELLAR (SESAR2020 participant portal and the tool for project data management) and Horizon2020 (official portal of the research and innovation framework programme Horizon2020).

ORO NAVIGACIJA is the leader of the PJ22 workgroup for the Maintenance of the Platform Development Methodology. The group of project executors includes representatives from Italy, Spain and France: the Italian Air Navigation Service Provider (ENAV), the Italian Aerospace Research Centre (CIRA), manufacturers of aeronautical equipment Leonardo and Indra, aircraft manufacturer Airbus, and also representatives of Eurocontrol.

Having been developed by ORO NAVIGACIJA in collaboration with its project partners, the methodology provides guidance on testing and validating solutions for SESAR ATM Solution and Enabling projects as well as Very Large Scale Demonstration projects. In the process of implementation of these SESAR2020 projects, new technological solutions are being developed as well as research and testing performed by using platforms which are recommended to be developed under the guidance of the Validation, Verification and Demonstration Platform Development Methodology.

Precise documentation of data is very important for the platform creation process. The workgroup lead by ORO NAVIGACIJA has ensured that projects are supplied not only with methodology but also with technical tools for structured data documentation. This was implemented due to the SE-DMF data documentation tool developed by partners of PJ22 project. The tool has already been known to SESAR project partners, given that in conformity with the SESAR regulations, projects must put into it the data on the established technical requirements. Due to the efforts of workgroup WP3, new features have been installed into the tool: forms for data on platform development enabling consistent documentation of the platform creation process. The new functions help to reduce probability of errors, find data quickly, analyse them and notice interrelationships between various documents.
Development of the methodology and new functions of the tool create added value for implementation of SESAR2020 projects.

ORO NAVIGACIJA participates in SESAR Programme as member of B4 Consortium which comprises air navigation service providers of Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. B4 Consortium takes part in 18 projects of SESAR2020.