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On the 7th and 8th of June, 2017 the Baltic FAB communication experts took part in the second Inter-FAB communication workshop in Langen, Germany. This event acts as a platform for sharing communication-related best practices and discussing objectives, challenges, opportunities and other communication issues. Representatives of seven (7) FABs (FABEC, South West FAB, FAB CE, BLUE MED, Danube FAB, DK-SE and Baltic FABs) were actively present at the workshop.

Functional airspace blocks (FABs) constitute one of the cornerstones of the Single European Sky legislation and policy. They have been existent already from 4 December 2012, however, many of the achievements, benefits and even the main idea of FABs often remain known to small groups only. Thus, the Inter-FAB communication establishment aims at improving awareness of FABs EU-wide.

The workshop included presentations and discussions on such topics as Communication strategies, customer relations, and different views on performance: benchmarking EU/US, efficiency in aviation – a reflection on the aviation chain, traffic volatility – one issue, several impacts. Results of INTERVISTA study on the economic impact of ATC and EU’s FAB study were also overviewed and discussed.

The Baltic FAB presented the background for switching to a new approach to the communication strategy. It emphasised the importance of moving from general and non-customized communication to more customized, interactive and customer relationship driven, focusing on creating FAB mindset inside the FAB-related organisations (ANSPs, NSAs, Ministry of National Defence and Ministry of Transport), social dialog, community establishment and personal approach. The Baltic FAB’s key message of Innovative partnership for harmony in the sky is to communicate data-based performance topics, economic impact and added value of FAB achievements to the airspace users and society at large and invite for co-operation and joining the community forces.  

The Baltic FAB has been honoured to host the next Inter-FAB communication workshop which will take place in Warsaw or Vilnius in November, 2017.

Image: one of BFAB respresentatives presenting BFAB communication plan.