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Baltic FAB member Oro navigacija and its partners Leonardo, Indra, Airbus, Eurocontrol and CIRA are pleased to announce that SESAR 2020 V&VP, V&VI and Demonstration Platform Development Methodology Training has started. 34 representatives of 8 SESAR ATM Solutions, Enabling and VLD projects are to take part in the first wave of distant training sessions (active from June 14 till July 6, 2018).

The Methodology Training is supposed to become a solid support to SESAR 2020 projects in their platform development activities. It aims at providing relevant guidance on how to apply the Methodology in practice. Provision of the Training is attributed to PJ22 WP3 (Working Package 3 „Maintenance of the Platform Development Methodology“ of PJ22 “Maintenance of the Platform Development methodology”) as contractual task in the framework of SESAR2020 Wave 1.

The Platform Methodology Training is provided as distant training session with pre-recorded material and interactive Q&A, assessment and feedback provision functionality.

The training session is broken down into of 3 modules:
• Introduction Module, containing quick overview of SESAR2020 Lifecycles, Platform development position in validation/demonstration process, analysis of SESAR 1 and SESAR 2020 differences, overview of practical issues;

• Methodology Application Guidance Module, containing Platform definition, introduction of Methodology’s key elements (Compliance Check List, Platform development artefact and their provision in the SE-DMF tool), ways of Methodology customization,  Methodology's added value in increasing process traceability and transparency);

• Special Capabilities Module, providing details on each Platform Development Check List step, experts’ from Oro navigacija, Indra, Leonardo, Airbus, Eurocontrol and CIRA explanations on various types of data to be  documented during the Platform development process, test case (PJ17-01-01 example) and demonstration of artefact production in SE-DMF tool.

The training is addressed to various audiences within SESAR 2020. For example, Module 3 (Special capabilities) is beneficial to Validation and Demonstration Exercise leaders and Platform developers, while Modules 1 and 2 are recommended to Project Managers and Solution Leaders. All participants of the training sessions can choose the Module of their interest. They can take part in all of them or, if preferred, only in selected ones.
The feedback received at the training will allow PJ22 WP3 to enrich the Platform Methodology and provide even better quality guidance to SESAR 2020 platform developers.
After July 6, 2018 the second Training wave will be announced and new training dates  will be provided. All SESAR 2020 projects are invited to take part.

Oro navigacija participates in SESAR Programme as member of B4 Consortium which comprises air navigation service providers of Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. B4 Consortium takes part in 18 projects of SESAR2020.

PJ22 Validation and Demonstration Engineering
Project Acronym:  PJ22 SEabird
Grant: 734165-1