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Debate on role of Central & Eastern Europe

World ATM Congress 2019 was the place to look at well-known things from a different perspective. One of examples is the debate which took place at PANSA‘s stand on March 12, 2019. 
No doubts regarding the fact that European air traffic is constantly growing and that the most intensive airspace is over Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. However, there are serious reasons to state that the role of Central & Eastern Europe is getting more and more significant. Geographical position, being the bridge between West and East,  EU policy to support regions, active marketing of the states to bring more sport, art, business and political events to Central and East Europe – all this affects traffic growth (bigger than elsewhere in Europe!) and the trend is getting constant.

It is a challenge and an opportunity at the same time. The debate participants, representing airlines, ANSPs, NSAs and states, shared their ideas how to meet the challenge and benefit from the opportunity. Baltic FAB was represented by Mr. Janusz Janiszewski, Acting Chief Executive Officer of PANSA and Mr. Mindaugas Gustys, Chief Executive Officer of Oro navigacija. Their vision is clear:  Central & Eastern Europe has both know-how and ambitions to keep on dealing with the traffic growth as efficiently as now, bringing  solid value added to the development of technological solutions and,  thus, improving overall ATM efficiency, contributing to potential SES concept expansion to the neighbouring countries and even to considering establishment of a Regional Network Manager.

The keywords, of course, remain COOPERATION – with all aviation actors in Europe and beyond - as well as PRAGMATISM.