Baltic FAB

Total controlled airspace of the prospective Baltic FAB is 410 126 sq km, incl.:
- Warsaw Flight Information Region (FIR) 334 000 sq km
- Vilnius Flight Information Region (FIR) 76 126 sq km

Traffic (total flights 2009): 553 564 (PANSA) + 159 492 (ON)

The main objective of the establishment of FABs in Europe is to achieve the maximum capacity and efficiency of the air traffic management network, shortening of flight routes, which translates directly into achieving the reduction in aviation fuel consumption and the reduction of CO2 emissions while maintaining the high level safety-level, as well as the improvement of cost-efficiency ratio of air navigation services providers.

Updated submission of the Baltic FAB

The Baltic FAB PMO submitted registration documents to the European Commission on 6th of April 2012.

In July we received observations from European Commission and other stakeholders following consultation process. Observations were submitted in the form of Comment Response Document.


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